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I’ve started playing Chess with Friends on the iPhone. While the user interface is not the greatest in terms of finding opponents, etc., it works well if you already have chess friends with iPhones. I played a lot of tournaments over twenty years ago, but I “retired” due to other commitments. Now that online play is so much easier, I’m somewhat “back in the game”, so to speak. Revision3 did a review of the app here:

Now onto a few games. First I had to dust off some cobwebs with a loss.

Now I’m getting into the groove, capitalizing on an opening mistake.

And another good game, we are fairly evenly matched!

So how did I get the Chess with Friends games uploaded to this blog? More on that in a future post! (Edit: I was not able to save these games as PGN files, I had to manually step through them on the phone, while I inputted them to my database on my computer.)

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  1. Kurt Garnjost

    So, how did you save the Chess with Friends games as PGN files? I have an ongoing chess tournament with my son (he’s nearly 40) and would like to be able to save the games. Zynga keeps saying they will add this, but have not. Yours is the only place I can find that says they were able to do it. How? Thanks.

    Kurt Garnjost

  2. BikingBrian Post author

    Sorry, I just saw this comment. Honestly, I haven’t used CWF in a while, and so I forgot! I believe I used some kind of workaround, I wasn’t able to directly export a PGN file. Sorry for any confusion.

  3. Kurt Garnjost

    They keep saying they are going to implement it eventually, but they are in the midst of a major cosmetic update, but PGN export is no where in sight. I have poked around on the iPhone, but can not even find the CWF files. Thanks for the reply.

  4. Jerry Leventer

    I have also been looking for a way to access the PGN files from the phone app, Chess With Friends by Zynga.

    I have sent off several messages from the Support area within the app, but have gotten no reply yet. I also called Zynga’s billing phone number (800-762-2530) and the lady was nice enough to draft an email and send it off. So I’m hoping that will generate a response.

    In Chess With Friends, when you tap on one of your completed games, you are able to step back through each move, one-at-a-time, using the arrow keys at the bottom of the chess board. So there must be a file stored somewhere on your device for each game. However, I have not yet found the file location on my Samsung Galaxy S4 Android device. Also, I do not believe the games are stored online anywhere, because there is no such area in my account on their website. I will keep looking and post here, and/or on my website, when I find it.

  5. BikingBrian Post author

    Thanks for the info. I just took a look at your website. Interesting reading about Lucas Chess. I have been using Chess Position Trainer, but I’ve found that its database gets a little buggy at times. So now I’ve created my openings as PGN files, which I then import into CPT. So I may now give Lucas Chess a try. Do you know what the difference is between the “portable” and “installable” versions?

  6. Jerry Leventer

    Unfortunately the PortableApps version of Lucas Chess does NOT run on an Android device (at this time, 2015/11/28). BIG disappointment! Here’s the article:

    The PortableApps version of Lucas Chess (or any other app that’s available on the platform, about 300 of them) is meant to be able to run your software on another Windows PC by using your personal USB Flash drive. The idea behind the Portable Apps platform is it allows you to carry your desktop tools around with you when away from your own Windows computer.

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