Why I Haven’t Upgraded to iOS 4.0.X

I have an iPhone 3G that I upgraded to iOS 4.0, but then I downgraded back to OS 3.1.3.  Why?

I can sum up briefly: not enough new OS features to justify the upgrade, and enough of my jailbreak apps were broken or would be in need of paid upgrades.  Furthermore, the phone ran slower on iOS 4.0 compared to OS 3.1.3 – even after a reboot.

The funny this is that the day after a wrote this blog post, a friend told me about this article indicating that iOS 4.1 will hopefully fix the speed problem on a 3G phone.  So I may reconsider!

By the way, downgrading from iOS 4.0 to OS 3.1.3 on a 3G phone is a bit tricky, I wish I saved the instructions but they can be Googled.

This spreadsheet showing iOS 4.0 compatibility may be useful for those considering upgrading.  Here are my apps that worked on iOS 4.x (list updated as of 2/11/11 based on iOS 4.2.6 for the Verizon iPhone 4):

  • SBSettings (w/toggles listed below)
  • SBSchedule
  • iFile
  • iRealSMS
  • BTStack
  • AptBackup
  • Snappy 2.9
  • GV Mobile+ 2.1.60
  • MyWi 4.0
  • Flashlight (though I instead used Springflash when upgrading to iPhone 4)
  • Ultrasn0w (though no point in reinstalling for the Verizon iPhone 4)
  • File2Mail (though I chose not to reinstall)
  • OpenSSH (though I chose not to reinstall)
  • Offline Maps (though I chose not to reinstall)

Here are my apps that didn’t work on iOS 4.x:

  • Fakelocation
  • Location Spoofer
  • Mobile Terminal 364.1-10 (but upgrade to 426 works – Google for how to find it – I chose not to reinstall the Terminal)

SBSettings toggles:

  • Push
  • Push Mail
  • Rotation
  • 3G Unrestrictor
  • Auto Correction
  • UA Faker
  • Caller ID
  • Ultrasn0w (though no point in reinstalling for the Verizon iPhone 4)

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