The Search for Hardware to Mount Kenmore Dryer on Pedestal

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: A Kenmore dryer pedestal I bought at a Sears Outlet store didn’t come with the mounting hardware, and (unlike any other part) it was not possible to get the hardware from the Sears Parts Department, so I had to buy a new pedestal (and return the old) to get the hardware. I was hoping that the higher levels of Sears Customer Service realized they have a problem and fix it so that it’s not an issue for others in the future, but that has not happened. Later, someone (see the first comment on this post) was able to get a hold of the part number for mounting hardware which can be ordered.

Normally, I’ve found getting parts for Sears appliances to be real easy, as they have schematics with parts numbers on the internet for even the oldest models.  Yet I was frustrated trying to find a mounting bracket for a new Kenmore washer and dryer. Here’s the email I just sent to the store manager:

My wife bought a washer and dryer at the BBBB Sears Outlet store (and arranged to have them delivered), but they didn’t have any matching pedestals there, so she found them at your OOOO Sears Outlet store (and took them home). The washer and dryer were delivered today, but they couldn’t install them because the retaining brackets (which allow the washer/dryer to be attached to the pedestals) were missing. We looked inside the pedestal drawers found the attachment screws, but no retainers.

So I went to the Sears store in XXXX, where they told me that I had to go to a Sears with a parts/service to get the retainers. I then went to the Sears parts/service store in YYYY, and they could not find the brackets on the parts diagrams for the washer, dryer, and the pedestals. They said it was an accessory that would be available at a regular Sears store. Finally, I went to the Sears Outlet in SSSS, and none of the dryers or pedestals for sale had any retainers whatsoever.

Anyway, we’re getting frustrated running around in circles and would appreciate whatever you could do to help point us in the right direction.

First, let me backtrack a bit and show some photos of the problem.  Here’s the front left side of the pedestal, notice the circled area:

Here’s the front left of the bottom of the washer, notice the white retainer circled in red. Screws pass through the holes on the pedestal and then screw into four white retainers, one at each corner of the washer.  But the dryer had no such retainers, and they did not come with the pedestals.

I double checked the Sears Parts website – the retainers are shown on neither the dryer nor the pedestal diagrams!

In addition to the email, my wife had called the OOOO Sears Outlet store.  They called us back and said they had the parts we needed. We drove the 35 miles there, only to find out that they had what appeared to be rubber pads that replaced the dryer legs so that the dryer could “sit” on top of the pedestal.  That sounds like what may have been the standard for an older model, but I would prefer to have the dryer attached to the pedestal, as it should be.

So we stopped by the BBBB Sears Outlet store on the way back home, and the good news was that I found these, which they let me take home:

I confirmed they slide into the slot in the photo below.

But the bad news is that they only had two of the required four.

The next day I went to the remaining two of the five Sears Outlet stores within a 30 mile radius to find two more retainers. I struck out both times.  So I finally had to get (order, actually, because they don’t stock them) a new pedestal at Sears, which should arrive in a couple of days.  I probably should have bought a new pedestal in the beginning, because the savings from getting the cheaper pedestals at the outlet has evaporated in the driving time and gas money hunting down the retainers.

UPDATE: Through the power of social media, this blog post caught the attention of the corporate level of Sears customer service, who contacted me, and a satisfactory solution was worked out (like the lawyers say, I’m not free to disclose the terms of the “settlement”).  Furthermore, they realized they had a problem with the system and hopefully they will fix it so that it’s not a problem for others in the future.  But in the short term I recommend spending the extra money for a new pedestal at a regular Sears store (instead of the Sears Outlet) to ensure that it will come with the correct dryer mounting hardware.

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    Thanks for the post. I wish I had read it before my wife and I went down the same path. What a hassle! We ended up crossing our Kenmore dryer to an LG unit. For others who may find themselves in the same unfortunate position the part number for the retainer clips is AAA30793426. The kit includes 4 clips, a wrench, and instructions. I ordered mine through for just under $22, but they are also available at (an LG parts distributor). Neither supplier provides much in the way of a description, but the clips are identical to the one in your picture, and fit my Kenmore dryer perfectly.

    Thanks again. Great post!

    PS – Links to the retainer clip suppliers:

  2. Mike FitzSimmons

    Unfortunately, Sears hasnt fixed this problem. Similar story here. We got a Kenmore dryer and pedestal from a Sears Outlet store without checking for all the parts. At delivery, the guys said they couldnt put it together. The store told me I was out of luck, because it comes with what it comes with. After being transferred around to almost every department on the phone with Sears, I got to someone who said all they could do is launch an investigation, which would take about 5 business days and might not provide any results. They couldnt tell me a part number, they couldnt advise me on what to do, and they couldnt give me a straight answer. I guess Ill try ordering those LG parts.

  3. Becky O'Sullivan

    Wow I’m literally in the exact same boat! This is so ridiculous. We purchased our LG washer and dryer new, but we went to Sears Outlet for the pedestals to save a few bucks. After all it’s just a drawer right? WRONG – it’s a drawer that’s supposed to come with 4 stupid plastic clips/pins/t-clips/retainers and 8 screws. Of course none of that was anywhere in our “new scratch and dent” pedestals (not even a damn instruction manual), and the Sears Outlet staff were a complete joke. They gave us the bare amount of customer service required to make the sale and usher us out the door with the product sitting next to the car. Thank you SO MUCH to the recent poster who included those links. I can say I’ll never ever ever shop at Sears Outlet again. The hassle and worry we went through isn’t worth the $300 we saved.

  4. Happy Launderer

    Well folks, I just made the same purchases (washer & dryer) with the same situations. The washer was already mounted to the pedestal. The drain hose mount was missing though.

    The dryer and the pedestal were purchased separately at two different outlet stores.

    My dryer was missing the shoe rack (that should be with it) and the mounting clips were missing too. So I thank you all for posting the info to get them. Should be here in a few days. Ended up paying additional $20 for the clips.

    I will say that I was able to get all the missing parts sent to me free of charge, except for those stinking clips. Come on Sears! You can do better than this!

    I will say I am very happy with the performance of my machines thus far. I’ll keep you posted on that.

  5. Tanya

    This.Is.Incredible. I just spent 1 hour 49 minutes with the SearsPartsDirect workers for this EXACT same problem. Argh. It looks like 6 years later and Sears STILL hasn’t fixed the issue. They have “launched an investigation” and are calling the manufacturer with the serial numbers to find the right items. What a joke. I guess this is what I get for trying to save my family $450! Thanks for the post. Off I go to spend more money.

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  7. Steve

    They are now going on 7 years and the same issue. No wonder they are closing. My Father went back to Sears and the sales rep, just had a blank stare on his face to what he was talking about, even with showing him the instructions. Thank you for the link to the parts.

  8. Erin

    Now 2018, and still same problem with missing t-clips. Bought pedestals at Sears Outlet and no screws for either washer or dryer, and no t-clips! Now, the replacement pack has almost doubled in price, and Sears “investigations” have done nothing to fix the problem. Grrrrr….

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