Lone Pine Canyon Ride

After a bit of a hiatus, I’m finally starting to do some of the more challenging rides near my mountain cabin. The Amgen Tour of California has gone through Lone Pine Canyon, but only in the downhill direction. ┬áIt would be nice to see them ride it uphill as I did.

Here is the route on Strava.

Now for some photos from the ride.

A little rise before the rest of the downhill.


The “Mormon Rocks” at the base of the Lone Pine Canyon climb.


Yucca in bloom – and the endless uphill.


Cloudy and hazy down below.


It keeps getting steeper as it goes up…


Another yucca in bloom. Some years the whole canyon has them blooming, but not this year.


One of the few ranches on this road – and is this the “lone pine” that the canyon is named after?


Finally made it to the top with the pines, at about 6100 feet, nice view looking down.


The slide above Wrightwood.


Back in the town of Wrightwood again.


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