GPX and KML Editing Tools

Just a quick post to talk about some neat free (and almost free) tools I’ve stumbled upon to edit my files from my Garmin GPS units.

GPS Track Editor – Freeware for combining and splitting GPX tracks. It works well for combining various GPX files from my rides and runs. – A free website for converting GPX files to KML files, which can then be imported into Google Earth.

GPS2IMG – This sounds nice, to be able to convert my GPX files into Garmin IMG files, which can then be loaded as a map layer on my Garmin Edge 800 (and other supported Garmin units). I haven’t tried this one yet, since it costs $20, and I don’t have an immediate need yet.

And then I got a couple of tips for some other tools:

GPSies – Convert (almost) anything to anything.

Garmin Custom Maps – Use Google Earth to create a custom map overlay.

Any other suggestions for some GPX editing tools?

3 thoughts on “GPX and KML Editing Tools

  1. Tomo Krajina

    Trackprofiler is an online GPS track editor. You can create routes, split tracks, edit segments, points, waypoints, add/remove metadata, fix elevations…

    PS. This is my site (still in beta) but I thins it is on-topic here.
    PPS. Feedback welcome (if you find time to try it).

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