Ditched Verizon for Page Plus

My two year contract with Verizon ended last December. Normally I’m skeptical of entering into contracts for cellular service, because I figure they make more money for the provider. But two years ago my wife and I upgraded from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5 since the latter was 4G LTE capable. And, if I recall correctly, at the time I could only get 4G LTE service through a contract with Verizon.  Though at least I got the phones at a discount, and the FCC required that Verizon provided the phones unlocked, giving the option to walking away with useful phones after the contract was up.

Fast forward to today, and now Verizon has 4G LTE on their prepaid service. If I wanted the iPhone 6 bad enough, some quick math demonstrated that paying full price for the phone and going on prepaid was certainly cheaper than getting a discounted phone from signing a two year contract but paying more per month. Of course, even keeping my current phone, there was no reason to say with postpaid, so I planned to switch to prepaid regardless.

But just last October, 4G LTE on Verizon’s network came available on Page Plus. So we kept our current phones and switched our service to them. I ported our numbers over to Page Plus and set up automatic payments through Prepay Refill. The process went smooth, with the first number ported in two hours, and the second number ported in half an hour.

So the final tally is as follows:

OLD: Verizon: $40 (smartphone 1) + $40 (smartphone 2) + $70 (4GB of shared data) = $150/mo

NEW: Page Plus: $55 (me with 3GB data) + $40 (Mrs with 1GB data) = $95 – 9% (prepay option)= $86/mo

9 thoughts on “Ditched Verizon for Page Plus

  1. Ken

    Our T-mobile plan is $80 monthly for two iPhones with unlimited text, talk, and data. We used to have an AAA discount that dropped it another $10 or so but that ended last year. I know your Verizon phone wouldn’t be able to switch to T-mobile, but that’s one of the reasons I avoid Verizon: locked in to their network when using their phones.

  2. Ken

    Oh, and as far as getting an iPhone 6 – do you really want to deal with the size of the 6? I think you are better off waiting to see what happens in 2015 – Apple may deliver an iPhone 6 in a form factor that matches the 5.

  3. BikingBrian Post author

    For the places I go, Verizon by far has the best coverage. Therefore, I wasn’t seriously considering going anywhere else, unless Verizon’s cost was WAY out of line.

    But leaving with my current phone was still an option after my contract was up, since the Verizon iPhone 5 has both CDMA and GSM radios. Also, as I mentioned earlier, Verizon sells the phone unlocked (the FCC made them do so, in exchange for getting more spectrum for LTE). So I could have switched to AT&T or T-Mobile simply by putting in one of their SIM cards.

    Now the thing is my phone would only reach HSPA+ speeds instead of LTE on AT&T’s network. But that’s Apple’s fault for not including the GSM LTE radio, not Verizon’s. And I believe the subsequent versions of the Verizon iPhone now include the GSM LTE radio.

    And yes, I wasn’t convinced that the larger iPhone 6 was the way to go. I’m happy withe the size of the iPhone 5; I’m not sold on the current trend that bigger is better. Hence the decision to stay with the iPhone 5 for the moment and wait and see.

  4. Ken

    I think generally speaking, Verizon probably has better coverage. But as you say, the difference is the question of where you go. For me, T-mobile has been fine everywhere except notably, one place in rural Ohio where I was without a cell connection for days. And yes, everyone that had service there was on Verizon. (The only game in town there.)

  5. BikingBrian Post author

    I believe it’s a west versus east thing. I’m sure T-Mobile works fine for you in the east, but I would not seriously consider it here out west, especially since I travel to rural areas, where Verizon is often the only game in town. Even at my mountain cabin, only Verizon has LTE – the other providers have 3G, and T-Mobile only has 2G!

  6. Ken

    Like I said, I think Verizon has better coverage generally – and I mean the whole US. I don’t think there’s a lot of East vs. West. Especially considering that Verizon’s original turf was the East. I think it is probably more about you spending more time in rural areas than I do.

    Regardless, getting back to the point of your post, I’ll look forward to an update about how Page Plus has treated you over the course of 6 months or so.

  7. BikingBrian Post author

    True, I do spend more time in rural areas than you. Anyway, so far I am seeing slightly slower LTE speeds on PP compared to Verizon, but not with enough consistency and speed drop to shout out in alarm. I’ll report back again for sure.

  8. Ken

    Oh and FYI, I just got my new-to-me iphone 5s from Gazelle. I didn’t feel it was fair for Apple to get money for a new phone when they failed to deliver the size phone I wanted. And the main reason I wanted a 5s was to get wifi calling that they didn’t allow on the iphone 5. I saved a couple of hundred bucks for what looks to me like a new phone.

  9. BikingBrian Post author

    I debated getting the 5s, but I figured it was best to hang onto the 5 and wait and see what Apple comes out with next. Though wifi calling could be useful in the office I’m located that has terrible cell reception (hilly area and few cell towers). But I will only be there another few months, so probably not worthwhile. BTW, T-Mobile just rolled out LTE in the town where my mountain cabin is located!

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