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Washington Coast Bicycle Tour: Preparations

Another bike trip is coming this summer. Soon I fly with my bike to Vancouver, British Columbia. Then, via a combination of ferries and riding, I will end up in Port Angeles, Washington, which will be the “real” beginning of the trip. From there, I will ride around the Olympic Peninsula and down the coast (as much as it is possible in Washington state) to Astoria, Oregon, where I started my Oregon Coast tour last year.

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Old Cygolite Expilion 250 versus New Cygolite Expilion 800

Thanks to the new Sunday delivery for Amazon Prime, today I received the Cygolite Expilion 800, which will replace the Cygolite Expilion 250 (here’s my past review) I’ve had for a little over three years. Due to a new job with good flexibility, the light hasn’t gotten any use during the last two years. Now with my schedule changing, I have a need for a light again, and so I figured this was a good time for an upgrade.

The new light is only slightly longer than the old. The back black part is about the same length on both, but the front part with the LED is slightly longer on the new light. The new light is closer to the camera in the photo below, so the size difference is greatly exaggerated. Continue reading

Nighttime Workout Gear

For the last couple of years, I’ve been working from my home office. So I’ve been fortunate to have the flexibility to do my bicycle rides and runs during daylight. But now for the short term future, I’ll be in an office other than my own. That means I’ll need to do some workouts in darkness. Time to dust off the nighttime gear.

The bike is the easy part, since I already have what I need. The Cygolite Expilion 250 headlight that I bought back in 2010 works well, but due to advancements in LED technology in the past few years, it will be updated to the much brighter Cygolite Expilion 800. The Planet Bike Superflash rear LED taillight, along with the old Vistalight backup, remain unchanged. Continue reading

Bike Friday – a Review after Ten Years

I previously had an S&S coupled bike which I used for travel. Although the detachable frame couplers are a solid design, the downside is that the assembly/disassembly time for the bike was quite excessive for short trips. This post on the impracticality of S&S couplers for most people pretty much echoes my views.

Sometime around 2003 (?), I bought a used Bike Friday Pocket Rocket folding road bike as a replacement for the S&S coupled bike. There are a number of other bikes that fold smaller and/or quicker, but my goal was to have something that folded relatively quickly into a standard-sized airline luggage, yet with a ride quality as close as possible to that of my fast road bike.

I envisioned a couple of main uses for the bike: Continue reading