Welcome to the New Blog!

Well … this past weekend I caved in and set up a blog.  For me, I figure that with limited time it is the easiest way to send updates/photos, while still keeping an online record.  Maintaining a website is more work than it’s worth – so I’ve gone through the old site and just trimmed it down to an archive of the various bike rides/trips I’ve done.

Since the blog is theoretically accessible to anyone (if they find it), I won’t be using it for detailed personal information, political rants or anything like that. So although it will have a personal focus, it won’t be too personal, if you know what I mean.

The one downside it that this blog is blocked at my workplace, so you’ll have to view at home.  The blog is set up so you can self-register, and then you can get automatic emails (even at your work email address) if there are any updates.  Or you can look from time to time without registering.