Film to Video Transfer

When my folks were cleaning up to move, I inherited five reels of old home movies.  With the state of technology now such that it’s easy for the home user to do video editing, I thought now was the right time to have the video converted to a digital format.

There’s a lot of places online where you can mail your reels, and they will mail you back a disc suitable for playing in a DVD player, with music added (the original video is silent).  I didn’t want that – I wanted a higher quality digital master that I could use to do my own editing and make my own DVD – because there would already have been some quality loss when they convert to DVD format for you.

Finding a place to get what I wanted was surprisingly difficult.  I eventually found Aggressive Media in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The main advantage to going with them is that they save the video on a mini-DV tape, just like my camcorder video.  Then I could “capture” it into the computer and do whatever I want with it.

On my last trip to Arizona, I made a slight detour to Scottsdale and dropped off the reels at their PO Box.  Within a week or two, I had the reels and the mini-DV tape mailed back to me.  The results are as good as can be expected, given the level of video technology 35 years ago and that the reels were not stored in optimal temperature/humidity conditions.

Here’s a sample screen shot from the video footage: