“Cold” Snap

With a cold storm coming down from the Arctic, it was raining all day and the temperatures never got above the 40s here in Southern California.  This is the first time I recall in over 15 years that the daytime high never went above 50.  The mountain areas have been in the 20s all day and snowing, here is a picture from my cabin backyard webcam.  The yellow object in the background is a small kid’s slide covered in about 2 feet of snow.

Meanwhile, back “down the hill”, we had a few leaks to deal with from the rain.  One of the roof tiles had slid out, luckily I was able to climb up a ladder and push the tile back in with a shovel.  While I was up there, I noticed that a piece of another tile had broken off – I covered it with a tarp temporarily.  I’ll have to work on permanent fixes once the rain stops.  In addition, in our family room with the vaulted ceiling, the caulking had cracked between the bottom of the picture window and the trim piece below.  So water leaked behind the trim piece and down behind the window below.  I’ve got plastic taped up there for now, but a permanent fix will have to wait after the rain.