Easy Kenmore Dryer Repair

We inherited an ancient 29″ Kenmore washer and dryer when we got the cabin.

Not too long ago, the dryer had gotten extremely noisy and had a lot of vibration problems.  My problem with a lot of “modern” technology is that when it breaks, it’s cheaper to replace it than to repair it.  But this dryer was a pleasant exception.  This article describes the repair process.   I was able to go to the closest Sears store with a repair center and picked up the 29″ dryer repair kit right off the shelf for about $25.  It has the typical parts that fail – the rollers, belt, and idler pulley.

Here are my old rollers, they definitely needed replacing – notice the middle of the left roller is out of round!  The belt was also starting to wear, good thing I replaced that too.

So after just a couple of hours of work and only $25 out of pocket, the dryer runs like new.