New Cell Phones

Our contract with Sprint expired at the end of November (actually, they had extended our contract for an extra year without our permission, similar to this story).  Tera recently had problems with getting Sprint reception inside her new work building, so it was a good time to switch providers.  We decided to switch to AT&T because I have a substantial discount through my employer, and in case I had to travel, GSM technology is more compatible worldwide than CDMA.

By the way, our first cell phones were with LA Cellular in the late 1990’s.  Then LA Cellular got gobbled up by AT&T.  That wasn’t a problem for us until early 2003, when we got a cabin in the mountains, and the only providers with cell sites in town were Sprint and Cingular – I would have to walk a block up the hill to get somewhat of an AT&T signal.  The option to “port” telephone numbers to another provider was offered in late 2003, and so we made the jump to Sprint as soon as we could.  Shortly thereafter, AT&T and Cingular merged, and so AT&T then worked in town <sigh>.  But we were happy with Sprint, so in 2005 we renewed our contract for another two years.

We ordered the new AT&T phones on “Cyber Monday” after the Black Friday.  Tera didn’t need anything fancy, so we got the best free phone we could find – an LG CU 515.  I wanted something to replace my aging PDA and got a Palm Centro for free.

Although the newly released iPhone has gotten all the attention lately, the Palm Centro has been working out well for what I needed – a PDA replacement that can make phone calls and check emails.  A lot of people don’t care for the aging Palm OS, but it’s reliable and fast and works fine.

Necessary upgrades for the Centro from Seidio were a thin rubberized case, a screen protector, and a metal pen stylus to replace the flimsy plastic one.  I also got some extra chargers, data cables, etc., from Ebay.

I also bought two 4GB Micro SD cards, one for each phone.  I’m busy ripping my CD music to MP3 (it’s about time!) so I can upload music to the phones, as we don’t have iPods or anything like that.