Bike Friday Packing

Here’s some photos of how my Bike Friday travel bike fits in its case.  I’m doing this mostly for myself to have access to the photos when I’m on the road, but these photos may also be useful for others.

Here’s the position of the crank before folding, so when I fold the bike the crank ends up in the right spot in the travel case.

Frame and a few key components in the case.  Back when I had a shorter seatpost, I used to lift up the bike and put the seatpost, stem, and the end of the right handlebar under the frame.  This isn’t practical with the longer seatpost.

Case fully loaded

Side view, showing the crush protectors higher than the hub.  The bike came with only one crush protector, and on one trip there was pressure on the side of the case that missed the crush protector and ended up pushing down on the hub.  That, in turn, caused the whole wheel to press downward, and the wheel bent the rear derailleur hanger out of alignment.  After that I made a second crush protector.