Opening H.264 MP4 Files in VirtualDub

I prefer to use VirtualDub to for all of my “simple” video processing tasks on the PC, such as splitting and joining.  One problem is that VirtualDub can only process AVI files, and my new camcorder saves in MP4 format.  The other problem is that VirtualDub doesn’t support H.264 streams.  The following steps allow me to open the H.264 MP4 files in VirtualDub:

  • Download and install Haali Media Splitter
  • Download and install ffdshow, don’t forget to check the VirtualDub interface.  Also, during the setup I only selected ffdshow to be used for H.264/AVC (libavcodec) video and AAC audio, although these options can be reconfigured later.
  • Download the DirectShow Input Driver for VirtualDub and place it in the “plugins32” directory under the VirtualDub exe file.

When opening files in VirtualDub, select  “file / open video file”.  Then under the “files of type” option, select “direct show input driver”.  Then the MP4 files will show up in the file list and then can be opened.  I then do my editing and re-encode the video as an AVI file in another codec.

Here’s a couple of threads with more information:

Edit, 1 August 2013: I’ve abandoned the above procedure and now downloaded x264vfw per this guide to save files. To open files, I use ffinputdriver.