Good Article on Video Codecs for Editability vs. Compressibility

The blog continues to be a little bit technical for now, but lightening up the entries will have to wait for another day!  🙂

Anyway, I’ve had some experience trying to edit video from Mini DV tape camcorders, bicycle helmet cameras, and most recently camcorders that record to SD flash cards.  Each one of these recording devices compresses the video in a different “codec” (for my devices that would be DV AVI, XviD AVI, and H.264 MP4, respectively), which has resulted in many challenges for video editing!

I found a decent, relatively short, article that does a good job of explaining the issues of file types, codecs, and the tradeoffs betwen editability and compressibility, without getting too technical – and there’s even a short summary at the end.  The links in the article also take you to pages that are well written.

(The only thing the article doesn’t say is that the DV AVI format is limited to 720×480, so if your camcorder or other recording device records in a different resolution, you can’t resave the file in the DV format.)