Well, I Caved in to Twitter…

After thinking “why the heck would anyone want to use it” – now the subject line says it all!

I originally signed up just to “lurk” by being able to get info on my cell phone from some organizations, manufacturers, and public agencies – oh, and also a couple of friends too.

Then I did a “test run” sending tweets from Interbike. What I wasn’t aware of, but learned quickly, was the power of hash tags “#”. Most people who tweeted about the show put the tag “#ibike” in their posts, and so you can search on that and hear what others – even those you aren’t following – had to say about the show.

Tweets are available to anyone to read by default, so another bridge to cross was whether or not to “protect” them, making them private to all but your “followers”. I quickly came to the conclusion that protecting tweets only makes sense in certain situations (one example is @AAASoCalNews, who @AAAauto geographic rules, can only give updates to SoCal residents), so mine are viewable to the public.

So one use I’ve been thinking of for Twitter is as an extension of my blog – in updates of 140 characters or less. Who really has time for full blog posts nowadays? Certainly I don’t, as you can tell from my lack of blog posts! 🙂 The last time I really blogged in earnest was during my 2001 solo cross-USA bicycle tour! That was even before the term “blog” was popular – back then I did it as (almost) daily email updates from the road!

I’m certainly not going to tweet as much as some others, but certainly anything public that I would put on my blog – such as short updates on the road from a possible upcoming Route #66bike tour – are fair game!

Oh, if you want to “follow” me, I’m @BPDeSousa – all the better variants of my name were taken! Maybe I’ll see you soon?