Upcoming Route 66 Bicycle Tour (AZ & CA)

Soon I’ll be spending some time with family in northern Arizona. Afterwards, I’ll be able to sneak away for a bicycle tour. No, I won’t be able to get away for 70 days to do a solo ride across the US like I did back in 2001. This time it’s for a few days on parts of old Route 66 in Arizona and California.

First, a recap of the parts of the old Route 66 I’ve already cycled in California and Arizona. From west to east, there’s the section starting from the ocean in Santa Monica, CA going inland to San Bernardino, which I haven’t done, and it doesn’t really count anyway as it is now mostly urbanized. Then there’s San Bernardino to Barstow, most of which I have done as part of this desert tour and this ride. I haven’t yet done anything between Barstow, CA and Ash Fork, AZ. Finally, I’ve done the section between Ash Fork and Flagstaff as part of this tour with a friend.

This time I’ll be riding from westbound from Williams, AZ to Needles, CA. Click on the small map below in order to view a larger one of the planned (rough, not exact road-by-road) route.


Aside from the 20 miles from Williams to Ash Fork (which I had already done as part of a previous tour), most of the old Route 66 is still in existence and not replaced by I-40. Aside from the section from Ash Fork to Seligman, which runs parallel to I-40, the rest of the old Route 66 takes a different alignment and therefore may be off the beaten path and interesting to see.

Well, I won’t write much more now, since I plan to give daily updates here. Stay tuned!