2010 Tour of California – How I Did Guessing the Stage 6 Routing

In a previous post back in October, I speculated on the Stage 6 routing of the upcoming Tour of California. The route details were released today. So how did I do?

From Pasadena to Wrightwood, I guessed that the route would go east along the foothills, then take Highway 39 to Highway 2. Instead, it will go west from Pasadena and then take Highway 2 all the way to Wrightwood.  Well, you can’t blame me for being wrong there, because I based that on a quote that “from the start in Pasadena, riders will climb up to Crystal Lake” – which sounded like a Highway 39 routing to me.

The next question was the routing through Wrightwood. I had guessed and hoped that the route would climb through town to get to Lone Pine Canyon Road, rather than fly past on Highway 2.  Score a point for me here.

For the final stretch to Big Bear Lake, since there was buzz about a mountain top finish, my bets were on a Highway 18 climb up the back way from the desert.  I had discounted the possibility of heading east on 138/18 through Crestline, Lake Arrowhead, and Running Springs, because although there is a lot of climbing that way, at the time it didn’t conjure images of a mountaintop finish. Now I am kicking myself, because I totally overlooked the climb from the lake to Snow Summit Ski Resort!

The route is always subject to last minute changes, of course, but it should be an enjoyable stage!