WP Plugin for Sending Blog Posts to Facebook

Previously, I had imported blog posts into my Facebook notes.  The problem was that Facebook would take a really long time to repost the blog entry as a note.  So now this post is to test the FT FacePress II WordPress plugin. This should put a link to my blog post in my status, rather than reposting it as a note. If a link to this post shows up on my Facebook page on Wednesday morning, then the plugin worked as expected!

Update:  OK,  well I tried it and it worked, as it posted a status update containing the link to this post. But it didn’t work exactly the way I had hoped – it didn’t show a thumbnail and an excerpt from the blog post.

I’m using the Simple Facebook Connect plugin to allow people to post blog comments using their Facebook credentials. There is another option in that plugin that allows publishing a link to the Facebook wall.  You can manually “publish to your Facebook profile” button in the “edit post” window,  or you can go to the plugin settings and have it publish automatically.  So now it is working the way I like!