Chess with Friends on iPhone

I’ve started playing Chess with Friends on the iPhone. While the user interface is not the greatest in terms of finding opponents, etc., it works well if you already have chess friends with iPhones. I played a lot of tournaments over twenty years ago, but I “retired” due to other commitments. Now that online play is so much easier, I’m somewhat “back in the game”, so to speak. Revision3 did a review of the app here:

Now onto a few games. First I had to dust off some cobwebs with a loss.

Now I’m getting into the groove, capitalizing on an opening mistake.

And another good game, we are fairly evenly matched!

So how did I get the Chess with Friends games uploaded to this blog? More on that in a future post! (Edit: I was not able to save these games as PGN files, I had to manually step through them on the phone, while I inputted them to my database on my computer.)