Installing Mac OS 10.6.7 on a Asus EeePC 1000HE

In a previous post I described how I installed 10.6.0 on my 1000HE and later updated it to 10.6.4. Now I’ve successfully updated it to 10.6.7!

The update process was actually pretty easy. I followed all of the same steps for the 10.6.4 update to a “T”, using the 10.6.7 package instead, of course. Note that I continued to use the older┬áNetbookInstaller 20100616 rather than the newer NetbookInstaller 0.8.5pre.

Many thanks to the folks in this thread for the valuable information!

In addition, there was a post in that thread which talked about how to eliminate the annoying hissing sound. ┬áIt’s a simple edit to the plist file in the voodoohda.kext package. This step should be done before the kexts are copied into the general extensions folder and the UpdateExtra program is run.