Bicycling in Rural Arizona Between Phoenix and Tucson

I’m in Arizona for spring break. After last Saturday’s ride, I decided to go for a shorter 40 mile ride today.

Leaving civilization – headed south on Gilbert Road past Hunt Highway.

Southbound on Arizona Highway 87.

After passing the turnoff to Highway 187, the shoulder narrows on Highway 87, but not a big deal as the traffic drops off quite a bit by here.

The scenery gets more attractive after the turnoff to southbound Highway 387

The “mini-me” climb on Highway 387.


I then turned onto northbound Highway 187 and had planned to take that all the way back to Highway 87 and retrace my steps. Then I saw a freshly paved turnoff to the native American community of Sacaton. I last rode through there in 1997 and remembered the road was in rough shape. But I saw various vehicles headed that way and figured the road had decent pavement all the way through, so I gave it a try. The road was fine, good call!

Sacaton Road just before rejoining Highway 87.

Here’s the spot where I took a “rest break” on Saturday’s ride.

The home stretch – return to civilization, Gilbert Road right before Hunt Highway.

A couple of days later I went on a similar 25 mile ride. I didn’t take any photos from that ride, though.