New Antenna Mounting – Cabin

Since I did such a good job of installing a J-Pole antenna at the house, I made my own J-Pole to install at the cabin. (I borrowed someone’s SWR meter and got 1.2:1 on the 2 meter band, and 2:1 on the 440 MHz band. That’s pretty good, I’m told it’s hard to mess up if you follow the dimensions exactly as shown on the sketches.)

The chimney at the cabin isn’t as tall and sturdy as the chimney at home. So I decided to mount the antenna go on the eave of the garage. Tripod mounts are available, but I didn’t want to put any holes in the roof – at least at this stage.

I was a little disappointed the that the bottom bar of the cheapie Radio Shack eave mount I bought wasn’t as long as similar ones from Channel Master and others. Therefore, there was only seven inches between the top and bottom clamps for the antenna mast. I didn’t feel comfortable with that spacing supporting a 5 foot mast plus 5 foot antenna on a windy day. So my little helper and I cut the antenna mast down to 2.5 feet and mounted the antenna to that. It seems to be pretty sturdy.

While the gray antenna color worked out well “down the hill”, it stood out here. So I got a can of brown spray paint and climbed on my garage roof. The stock leather brown matches the trim and the trees pretty well!

The antenna is pretty inconspicuous looking from the other side of the garage.

Here’s the radio “shack”. Just a place to plug in the handheld transceiver. 🙂  Since my cable run was only 25 feet, and because I didn’t anticipate much 440 Mhz use, I opted for the less expensive RG8X instead of the Belden 9913 that I used at home.

After I put the antenna on the garage (left side of the photo below), I asked myself why I didn’t think to put it on the shed. After all, I just got electricity wired up to the shed, and the it sits on higher ground than the garage. But I spend more time in the garage, so the antenna is probably still better there.