Pacific Crest Trail Repeater Guide

I was looking for a list of two meter repeaters accessible while hiking, mountain bicycling, and road bicycling in areas without cell phone coverage in Southern California. I stumbled on this great Pacific Crest Trail Repeater Guide.

I cross checked the guide against our local 2012 Southern California Repeater Location Directory, which I had previously purchased from Ham Radio Outlet. The list is in need of some minor updates (which I’ve sent to the website owner), but is still reasonably current.

Here’s the list of repeaters (from south to north) I’ve programmed into my HT for hiking and bicycling. All of these are “open” repeaters, except as noted below:

  • Mt. Otay: 146.650- (PL 107.2)
  • Monument Peak: 147.240+ (PL 103.5)
  • Palomar Mountain: 147.030+ (PL 103.5)
  • Palomar Mountain: 146.730- (PL 107.2)
  • Idyllwild: 146.895- (PL 118.8)
  • Palm Springs Tramway: 145.480- (PL 107.2)
  • Hemet: 145.420- (PL 88.5)
  • Santiago Peak: The repeater listed in the guide is now shown as private. I know of no open 2 meter repeaters on Santiago Peak. I have my HT programmed to the ALERT frequency 145.160- (PL 136.5), as their website says “The Repeaters listed above are Closed/Private for members use.  These Repeaters are available at any time for non-members use for emergencies.”
  • Big Bear: 147.330+ (PL 131.8)
  • Snow Summit: 145.260- (PL 103.5)
  • Heaps Peak: 145.240- (PL 118.8)
  • Victorville: 146.940- (PL 91.5)
  • Table Mountain: 145.280- (PL 131.8)
  • Sunset Ridge: 145.440- (PL 136.5)
  • Oat Mountain: 147.705- (PL 141.3)
  • Mt. Disappointment: 145.300- (PL 100.0)
  • Tehachapi: 147.060+

In addition, I’ve found that Keller Peak at 146.385+ (PL 146.2) has great coverage in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, and it also has Echolink and IRLP nodes.  I also have the simplex frequencies of 146.520 and 446.000 programmed in the HT.

That’s as far north as I’ve gotten … for now! :-).