Post Office Frustrations

Yesterday (Friday) I was expecting a package via USPS registered mail, but I was out for lunch when it came for delivery. Normally they leave a slip which says they will try to deliver again the next day, giving me the option to sign the slip so they can leave the package if I’m not home. But this time the slip only said that I could pick it up at the post office any time after 9AM the next day (when the post office opens on Saturday). That was a bit unusual, though given that I would be out and about on Saturday, picking it up at the post office was fine with me. I even went online to the “redelivery” link on the USPS website to confirm that I would go to the post office to pick up the package.

We had a change in plans, and so my wife went to pick up the package on Saturday instead. She gave the person at the counter the slip, and they searched the whole post office and couldn’t find the package. “It’s probably on the truck,” said the person at the counter. “They try to go back the next day to redeliver.”¬†Unfortunately, my wife hadn’t looked at the slip real closely, and I hadn’t shared with her that I went to the USPS website to confirm I would pick up the package at the post office.

After my wife got home, the mail carrier was making his rounds and had the package for delivery. Good thing she stayed home long enough for the mail carrier to arrive. It was nice to get my package, but arrrrrgh!

16 July 2012 update: In mid-June I ordered another item from the same company, shipped from Hong Kong, so the only shipping choice was be USPS Registered Mail. I came back from vacation last week and realized that it had been a while since I placed the order, yet no notification of a package. I checked the status online with USPS, and it said a slip was left on 27 June. ¬†That was before my vacation, yet I never saw anything that day in my mailbox. Last Saturday I went to the post office with tracking number in hand, and they were able to find the package. I was concerned that they might have returned it to Hong Kong…