Goodbye, TC

We just recently lost an old hometown friend, TC Cheever, to pancreatic cancer. He was 43.

We last saw each other in person in 1986, and admittedly, we did not stay in touch after that. After college, I moved out west, and it was a time in my life where I wanted to leave that one horse town behind and never look back. Then you realize time flies and wish you did a better job of staying in touch and catching up.

Reading this goodbye post¬†from someone who knew TC more recently, I’m not surprised to hear about the outpouring of memories on Facebook and Twitter. He was definitely the kind of person who could light up the room with his presence.

He was one of those naturally funny guys, on the fly he even made up a song about my poor old 1973 Dodge Dart (the butt of many jokes back in the day), sung to the tune of Prince’s “Raspberry Beret” which was popular at the time:

Lime Green Dart
The kind you find on a Lynnway lot
Lime green Dart
Picking up chicks in it ain’t too smart

Well, there was more, but that’s all I remember. It was no surprise to me that he became involved in improvisational comedy.

Though what did surprise me was that he ran a marathon back in 2004, here is his story. Let’s be honest, when I last saw him, he was a big guy, and I couldn’t have imagined him running from the car to McDonald’s on a cold winter day, much less a marathon. So to say I am impressed at his achievement is an understatement.

When I found him on Facebook out of the blue in 2009, his only two words were “Holy. Crap.” Since then, we chatted from time to time on Twitter, and I even helped him with a friendly Twitter prank on of his friends who was oversharing his location online.

We were going to get together for a beer when I was back in Boston for a visit in 2011, but for various reasons (certainly not due to lack of effort of either of us!) that never happened.

TC was a walking encyclopedia of all things musical, so it only seems fitting to share a song to say goodbye. I am NOT a walking encyclopedia of music myself, so I will share just what comes to mind, here goes:

RIP, TC. You will be missed.