Silverado Canyon Rain Surprise

I had planned to go for a ride this morning, but rain was in the forecast. While I’ve cycled in the rain before and don’t mind doing so, the afternoon was forecast to be clearing up, so I waited until then. Even so, I still had to decide whether to use my “rain bike” or my “fast bike”. I decided to use the fast bike, as the roads were drying up quickly.

So I headed out towards Santiago Canyon with partly cloudy skies, and rather than do the normal loop, I wanted to mix things up with the Silverado Canyon out and back.

I started to see a few sprinkles as I made the turn into Silverado Canyon. It started to rain harder as I continued to climb through the canyon, until it was downpouring right at the Maple Springs turnaround point.


I had expected the rain to let up as I retraced my steps, but that was not the case. So a steady downhill in the steady rain, and having to keep it slow since my black SwissStop pads, while great for dry conditions, aren’t doing so well here.

The steady rain in Silverado Canyon turned into light rain as I turned onto Santiago Canyon.

Finally, it started to clear up again as I approached civilization.


And then it was totally sunny again when I got home.


Closeup of the bike, it needs a good wash down. Next time I’ll take the rain bike with fenders.


But still a good ride, nevertheless.