Outdoor Home Office

I work from a home office, and now with the warmer weather (at least in Southern California) I’ve been looking to spend some of that time working outside. Though the biggest obstacle to doing so is being able to see my laptop screen in the sunlight. So I bought a Compushade¬†for my laptop, here’s what it looks like in my outdoor home office.


Initial setup was quite easy, though the downside is that you need to have a couple of velcro strips on the laptop cover. The shade blocks out light from the top and the sides, but light from behind me is still reflected onto the screen. Still, the shade worked as advertised, and I could see the screen after adjusting the display brightness to maximum. Someday I may experiment with setting up a temporary dark background behind me to improve the view of the screen.


I noticed the top panel of the black shade started warping in the sun. Though that’s just a cosmetic issue, it doesn’t affect the display quality. The shade mostly regained its shape after cooling off. Also, the shade folds up and can stay on the back of the laptop. Though that’s a bit bulky for where I put my laptop in my indoor home office setup or my travel bag, so I simply just removed it after use.

New Office 1 (edited)

So how do I get internet outside? The outdoor wireless access point is up by the roof peak. More information in this old blog post.


Edit: Didn’t want the mountain cabin to feel left out, here are some photos of the outdoor office setup there.


Don’t need an outdoor wireless access point here, as the signal from the router high up in the closet with the upgraded antenna works great!