Delayed at the Airport

I’m here at the airport, delayed for a flight to my “side destination” because continuing on to the Oregon coast bicycle tour.

Though at least after the storms pass through this week, it should be great weather next week!


In the meantime, I’ll wander around the airport with a carry on bag which will do double duty.


The back side reveals its main purpose (bicycle pannier).


Yes, packing was a challenge for this trip. If everything goes as planned, I’ll have my bike waiting for me at the Portland Amtrak, some gear in a box at a Portland FedEx, and the rest with me in this bag – if I didn’t forget anything.

It’s nice to see the new amenities in the new airport terminal. In case I forgot to bring my helmet camera, I can get a GoPro here!


More importantly for the near term, there’s better places to eat lunch, rather than on the plane.


I may be off line for a couple of days until I actually start pedaling, see you then!