D-Link DIR-605L Cloud Router Review

As I’ve described in previous posts, I previously had issues with intermittent DSL at my mountain cabin. Furthermore, my internet connection there is PPPoE, so I would get a new IP address every time the internet dropped and reconnected. That made it hard to access my webcams and other devices remotely, since the Dynamic DNS couldn’t keep up with the frequent IP address changes.

So I picked up the D-Link DIR-605L “cloud” router pretty inexpensively for $25. My only interest in getting this router was for its “cloud” functionality.


Using the iPhone app, I would connect to my router and see my current IP address. Then I could use the IP address and port number to connect to my webcams, etc.


That part of the router worked well. But everything else about it was sub-par. Non-intuitive and buggy router web interface. No guest network. I could go on.

Also, for a couple of devices, although the port forwarding would allow me access from within the network, I couldn’t access them from outside the network. I checked and double checked my configuration, and I know I did not make an error. Yet somehow I was still able to access my old D-Link (non-cloud) webcam from outside the network.

I really wanted to put this router “behind” my old Netgear WGR614v10 and let that router do the port forwarding, but then the IP address reported from the D-Link iPhone app is the internal one, not the external one, which unfortunately isn’t helpful.

Well, for $25, at least this was (barely) good enough during my spotty internet issues, but now that my internet connection is working again, I’ve taken out the DIR-605L and put my old Netgear WGR614v10 back in its place.