Netgear WGR614 Firmware Upgrade Failure – Resolved!

The Netgear WGR614v10 was originally a “G” wireless router released in 2009, but a subsequent firmware upgrade has brought it up to “N” speeds. Although the router is a bit old, it is still useful for me, especially since Netgear has supported it with firmware updates¬†as recent as December 2013.

I recently bought a second WGR614v10 real cheap on Ebay as a backup. But whenever I logged on to the router and browsed to a file to do a firmware upgrade, the web GUI would give a “page not found” error. I tried using Internet Explorer and Google Chrome on a couple of my Windows 7 computers, no luck.

Then I remembered that netbook I had which hadn’t been updated in a while. I connected to the router using that, and the firmware upgrade was successful! The reason? All of the other computers had Internet Explorer 11 installed. The netbook had Internet Explorer 10, so as far as I could tell, that was the reason the firmware upgrade worked without a hitch.