Washington Coast Bicycle Tour: Preparations

Another bike trip is coming this summer. Soon I fly with my bike to Vancouver, British Columbia. Then, via a combination of ferries and riding, I will end up in Port Angeles, Washington, which will be the “real” beginning of the trip. From there, I will ride around the Olympic Peninsula and down the coast (as much as it is possible in Washington state) to Astoria, Oregon, where I started my Oregon Coast tour last year.

Although I have the touring bike and gear routine pretty much dialed in, a shakedown ride before the trip is always good.

First I got the gear laid out. Normally I camp with a bivy sack, but since I may be spending more time camping on this trip compared to previous ones, I have a new larger Sierra Designs Vapor Light 2XL tent.


Then I packed everything all up for a test ride.


I never got around to replacing those old bars which always feel a bit too narrow when I haven’t ridden this bike in a while. Solution: install new bars. Do it on short notice? No problem!


I started cutting to make room for the bar end shifters (otherwise I would smack my knees on them when I climb out of the saddle).


Levers and shifters installed. I’m out of time, so I’ll let the bike shop tape the bars.


On second thought, I found time to retape the bars. Now it’s off to the bike shop, so they can pack my bike in a cardboard box which I can take with me on the plane (checked luggage, not carry on!).


Stay tuned for updates from the road!