Another 5K PR!

With the weather finally starting to get a bit cooler in Southern California and a 5K race coming up in a few weeks, I decided to gauge myself by running 5K at the local track. I set a new PR of 22:44 in the process!


My previous 5K PR was 23:30 at a 7:30/mi pace. Therefore my goal today was to maintain a 7:20/mi pace. I was real happy with my pacing, with half mile split paces of 7:20, 7:17, 7:18, 7:19, 7:23, 7:23, and the last 0.1 mile at 6:57.

I ran at first light, with a temperature of 65 degrees and somewhat humid with the overcast marine layer. I know I’ll be faster once it gets even cooler.

The only hangup was that my IT band has been starting to tighten up on me over the past few days, but I foam rolled it this morning and so my knees were OK today.

Three weeks after the 5K race is a 4 mile Turkey Trot in New England. So in cold weather climates, I’m wondering how people don’t freeze to death while waiting at the start, yet avoid overheating on the run. Somehow I don’t think people leave their sweatshirts at the starting line, like they would for a big race such as the Boston Marathon…