Four Runs in New England

I just finished up a week of visiting family and friends in Massachusetts and Connecticut over Thanksgiving. Since I don’t talk too much personal stuff here, this blog entry is (mostly) about the runs.

I already wrote about the Norwood Turkey Trot I did the day after arriving. Nice weather, and 4 miles in 31:53 for a great run.

Then it was off to our hosts in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The unseasonably warm weather held out for Run #2, where I was able to stay in T-shirt and shorts. I had planned to run 3.1 miles, but I missed a turn, and it turned into 4.3 miles.


Then to Connecticut for Turkey Day, and that’s when the snow and cold weather came in to New England. At first glance when I headed out at first light for Run #3, the roads seemed clear. But when I headed out there were some ice patches. I found a clear section of residential street to do laps back and forth for 2.3 miles. Yet the roads were looking a lot better a couple of hours later, too bad I didn’t wait until then, oh well.


All of the cold weather gear came in handy. Running pants, long sleeve dri-fit jersey, thin hat and gloves, and my cycling vest. The cycling vest isn’t ideal for running (a bit short in the front) but works in a pinch.


Heading back to Massachusetts again, I had a chuckle at the celebrity “sighting” at the local supermarket!


Then it was off to see my hometown Thanksgiving football game (actually postponed to the day after Thanksgiving due to the weather). It was actually an exciting game. We were up 14-0, but then the other team scored two touchdowns in a row, and on the second touchdown they successfully went for two extra points to go ahead by 15-14 with three minutes left in the game. Our team came close to rallying back, but then threw an interception and lost.


On the last day, I had time for Run #4. With the temperature in the low 20s, I definitely needed all of the cold weather gear. There’s a nice path in the city of Somerville (near Boston), a little too short (for me) for bicycling, but great for walking and running.


Not my 5K PR, but still ran fast enough to stay warm.


All in all, it was a good trip. My little traveler did well too.