Ditched Verizon for Page Plus

My two year contract with Verizon ended last December. Normally I’m skeptical of entering into contracts for cellular service, because I figure they make more money for the provider. But two years ago my wife and I upgraded from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5 since the latter was 4G LTE capable. And, if I recall correctly, at the time I could only get 4G LTE service through a contract with Verizon.  Though at least I got the phones at a discount, and the FCC required that Verizon provided the phones unlocked, giving the option to walking away with useful phones after the contract was up.

Fast forward to today, and now Verizon has 4G LTE on their prepaid service. If I wanted the iPhone 6 bad enough, some quick math demonstrated that paying full price for the phone and going on prepaid was certainly cheaper than getting a discounted phone from signing a two year contract but paying more per month. Of course, even keeping my current phone, there was no reason to say with postpaid, so I planned to switch to prepaid regardless.

But just last October, 4G LTE on Verizon’s network came available on Page Plus. So we kept our current phones and switched our service to them. I ported our numbers over to Page Plus and set up automatic payments through Prepay Refill. The process went smooth, with the first number ported in two hours, and the second number ported in half an hour.

So the final tally is as follows:

OLD: Verizon: $40 (smartphone 1) + $40 (smartphone 2) + $70 (4GB of shared data) = $150/mo

NEW: Page Plus: $55 (me with 3GB data) + $40 (Mrs with 1GB data) = $95 – 9% (prepay option)= $86/mo