Is This Blog Dead?

Short answer: pretty much, but I’ll still keep it around for the archived material, such as my bicycle trip across the USA, and my Kenmore dryer mounting hardware post which seems to be of use to many. Also a couple of posts on using Open Street Maps and using my Garmin for on-bike navigation seem to be of interest to more than me!

I’d say that I don’t have the time to post, but that’s not entirely true. It’s just that, in general, I’d rather not spend the time writing about doing something, when I could be spending more time doing it!

Nevertheless, let me quickly run through the topics that I’ve discussed here relatively recently.

I’ve dropped the running mileage considerably in order to get some relief from the plantar fasciitis. I’ve made up for that with ElliptiGO miles. Maybe I’ll do some short running races in 2017. Race recap are probably of more interest to the readership, but for that type of thing Facebook or Instagram works better and is more convenient. Meanwhile, I’m staying active enough between the running and the ElliptiGO, so the conventional bicycle has not seen much time.

Probably the most interesting bloggable thing is the latest on my chess comeback. But my desire to maintain some semblance of anonymity (as well as not revealing any details on my tournament opening preparation!) really limits what I can share here. So for that a select group of chess friends has received the gory details via email.

I hope my five readers have a happy 2017! 🙂

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