Ankle Fracture and Mobility Devices

At run club a little over a week ago, I rolled my left ankle on a really steep concrete to pavement transition. It hurt, but I was able to walk the remaining 50 yards back to the start. But then later that night it swelled up and it hurt to put any weight on it.

The next morning I went to urgent care, and they took some xrays. They showed an avulsion fracture, in which the tendon pulls off a little piece of bone.

So they put me in a boot and sent me on my way. Thankfully it’s the left foot, so I can still drive!

I got some neat mobility toys from my neighbor who had foot surgery once upon a time. I keep the knee scooter downstairs, it’s great for getting around the kitchen, etc. I scoot on my bottom up and down the stairs and use an office chair as sort of a knee scooter upstairs. The Mobilegs crutches are highly recommended and are much better than the regular crutches that were given to me at urgent care!

I picked up this iWalk 2.0 – naturally before I got the goodies from my neighbor! It’s great, and there wasn’t too much of a learning curve, but not I’m not sure how it fits in with the rest of my mobility gear arsenal. The knee scooter is best around the house, and the crutches work great when getting to and from the car – basically 95% of my needs. So the iWalk would seem best for those medium distance walks, say in a big parking lot, especially if I need my hands free. Yet, the iWalk isn’t ideal to use all the time, since it takes about thirty seconds to tighten/loosen the straps to put it on or talk it off. Maybe it’s something I’ll leave in my car in case I need it in a pinch.

I went to the doctor for a follow up appointment a couple of days ago. Surprisingly, there’s hardly any pain from the avulsion fracture on top. The bone will fill in and heal itself in due time. It’s the sprain that’s the worst, it’s swollen and bruised, and I can’t put full weight on the ankle without pain. I’ll be in the boot for a while, probably for about a month, and I go back in two weeks for a follow up. At least the pain and swelling have subsided enough that I can take off the boot once in a while and move my foot to try to maintain some range of motion. In the meantime, no running (or walking!) and now I have a bunch of time for my non-physically active hobbies!