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Generator and Lighting Information
(Archived from 2002)

I originally had a Nordlicht 2000 bottle generator.  It was excellent, but the rear seat stay mounting interfered with pannier mounting, not to mention the ugly wiring across the top tube.  I now use this generator on my old beater mountain bike, which I have set up as a short distance commuter bike.  If I ever decide to do a double century someday I can always "borrow" it to put it onto my road bike.

I decided to get a left handed bottle generator (an AXA HR+) so I could mount it on the front fork for my touring/mountain bike.  As mentioned in my Converting a Mountain Bike into a Touring Bike page, I have two front forks that I can use (a shock fork and a rigid fork), so I needed two different mounting brackets for the generator.

The two brackets are shown below.  Each of these brackets mounts to the cantilever brake boss.  The bracket on the left for the rigid fork only holds the generator.   I mount the light to the front of the lowrider front rack, or to the fork crown eyelet if I'm not using a rack.  Both the generator and the light mount onto the Dynashoe bracket on the right.

genbrack.jpg (25760 bytes)     gendyna.jpg (28166 bytes)

Here's the backside of the first bracket (I have since moved the bracket over to the gray Fuji touring bike):

I really wish I got another bracket like the one above, so I decided to make one from some old parts I had in a car stereo mounting kit (thanks to Alex Wetmore for the idea to use the mid-fork brazeon as a support point).  The setup still needs a little fine tuning, though...

The two pictures below show the mounting of the Dynashoe on the shock fork.

genfront.jpg (23737 bytes)    genside.jpg (26788 bytes)

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