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NightSun Sunsport Light Modifications
(Archived from 2002)

I just bought a NightSun SunSport helmet light - here's what I did to make it compatible with all of my existing charging equipment:


SunSport light, battery, and 240V charger.  Since I have enough 110V "homebrew" smart chargers, I got the 240V charger for travelling.  Note that the connectors are different and are not the standard Molex connectors used in NightSun's older models.

DCP01067.JPG (269375 bytes)

I cut the end of the charger off and put standard Molex connectors on both ends.  This gives me a "converter piece" of wire so I can use my other chargers to charge the battery.  It also lets me use the 240V charger for charging all of my other NightSun batteries.
I could have accomplished the same thing by replacing the black connectors on the light and battery with Molex connectors,  but there were two problems with that.  First, the on/off switch is an integral part of the connector, so I would have had to add a switch, or unplug the battery to turn it off.  Second, the wire from the light is very thin, which would have made it difficult to add connectors to it.

DCP01068.JPG (255411 bytes)  

These are pictures of the emergency battery backup for the light.  I'll keep these at work in case my batteries are running too low for my commute home.  For connecting to the SunSport connector, note that I used two one-circuit connectors with part of the plastic housing cut off.

DCP01069.JPG (246569 bytes)     DCP01070.JPG (246447 bytes)

Charging the batteries using my homebrew charger and the "converter piece" of wire.

DCP01072.JPG (158569 bytes)


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