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Moving the NightSun Trailblazer from the Helmet to the Handlebars
(Archived from 2002)

The NightSun Trailblazer is their old discontinued helmet light (replaced by the SunSport).  The mounting system - an aluminum bracket which bent around the front of the helmet and secured by a strap that wrapped around the back of the helmet.  

This arrangement worked fine on my old helmet, but the shape of the newer helmet wasn't really friendly to this mounting system.  So I cut off the ends of the bracket, and rigged a way to secure the light to the helmet by a velcro strap through the vents.  But this new arrangement was very heavy (since the weight was not distributed evenly around the helmet), pulling down the front of my helmet and giving me a headache after a long ride.

So I decided to buy the SunSport for the helmet, and recycle the Trailblazer by converting it to a handlebar mounted light on my other bike.

Here are some pictures:

The batteries all wired together, in five groups of two each, ready to go in the water bottle.

DCP01061.JPG (331141 bytes)

The batteries inside the waterbottle.

  DCP01063.JPG (246141 bytes)

Vistalite bracket mounted on the Nightsun Trailblazer.

DCP01064.JPG (276235 bytes)

Trailblazer mounted on the handlebars.  Notice how it clears the Ortlieb handlebar bag mount.

DCP01066.JPG (215282 bytes)


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