Table Mtn



Road 4N21 off Table Mountain Road is a good mountain bike ride for beginners or families.  From Wrightwood, head west on Highway 2.  At Mountain High West, take a hard right onto Table Mountain Road.  Go up the hill about a mile or so and then park in the wide turnout on the right side of the road (be sure to have an Adventure Pass in your vehicle) overlooking Mountain High Resort.  4N21 starts at the locked gate (closed to vehicles).

The red line shows a 5 mile out and back ride along the paved portion of 4N21 running along a ridgeline.  This is the flattest place to mountain bike in the area!

The blue lines show additional options along dirt fire roads (other than the short climb up the remaining pavement to the communications equipment) to extend this into a 10 mile ride.

Here is the elevation profile for the longer ride.  Mile 0 to mile 2 is along the paved road (red line).  Then the dip and rise from mile 2 to mile 4.5 is out and back on the northern spur (blue line).  From mile 4.5 to about mile 5 represents paved road (first red, then blue) continuing to a summit at a bit over 7400 feet.  The rest of the elevation profile represents the remaining ride along the two spurs going east (in blue), followed by returning to the ride start along the paved road.  Although the map shows the two spurs continuing to the south and the east, in reality they are dead ends.


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