Cajon Pass to Orange County



Overview Map 

Elevation Profile


Cajon Blvd / Old Route 66:.

View of the foothills from Rancho Cucamonga:

Hamner Ave just before the Santa Ana River:

Palisades Ave in Corona:


The directions below start from Wrightwood, although they can be easily modified to for crossing the Cajon Pass from the High Desert.  Cyclists are allowed to use I-15 between Oak Hills Road and Cleghorn Road, as there is no other paved route in the area.

bulletE on Highway 2
bulletE on Lone Pine Canyon
bulletE on Highway 138
bulletS on I-15 to Cleghorn Exit
bulletS on Cajon Blvd / Old 66
bulletE on Kenwood
bulletSW on Devore / Glen Helen
bulletS on Sierra
bulletSW on Lytle Creek
bulletSW on Duncan Canyon / Bridlepath
bulletS on Cherry
bulletW on Wilson
bulletSW on Banyan
bulletS on Etiwanda
bulletW on Baseline
bulletS on Milliken / Hamner / Main
bulletW on 6th
bulletS on Paseo Grande
bulletW on Frontage
bulletS on Serfas Club
bulletW on Palisades
bulletW on Green River
bulletW on SA River Trail

More Information

bulletCalifornia Association of Bicycling Organizations - touring info
bulletScanned copy of old Caltrans District 8 bike map showing freeways legally open to cyclists
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