Bike Friday



My New Bike Friday
(Archived from 2004)

Pictures of my newest bike:

(1) Right side view

(2) Left side view

(3) Front view.  Notice the two different STI levers - the Ultegra nine speed for the rear derailer/rear brake, and the old Shimano 105 eight speed triple for the front brake.  The old Shimano 105 lever was used because the lack of trim in the lever made it desirable for easy shifting of the three speed hub (Sachs 3x7).

(4) Travel agent to improve the rear brake cable routing.

(5) "8 of 9 on 7" - eight cogs from a nine speed cassette on the seven speed Sachs 3x7 hub body

Packing sequence for air travel:

(1) Packing materials inside the suitcase; everything to be packed (except the bike) outside

(2) First, the main part of the bike and some stuff underneath

(3) Here's a closeup of the suitcase in the previous photo. 

bulletBlue tarp at bottom of suitcase
bulletSeatpost/seat/seat bag - upper right corner
bulletWater bottle -  lower right corner
bulletShorts/jersey/gloves/socks in ziplock bag under rear wheel
bulletSpare tubes under rear wheel
bulletStem in dark blue bag under wheel at top of photo
bulletTool kit in light blue bag between fork blades
bulletPedals in light blue bag under crank and rear wheel (hard to see)

(4) Now the handlebars and shoes go in.  Notice the white peg that protects the rear derailer.

(5) Here's a closeup of the suitcase in the previous photo.

(6) Helmet, front wheel, and crush protector go next.

(7) A note, with packing instructions and cell phone number, in the event the suitcase is opened for inspection.

(8) All packed and ready to go!  Straps added for good measure.

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