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Getting the Tandem into the Minivan


At 0218 PM 12/1/99 , Velobob@aol.com wrote:

As a new owner of a toyota sienna minivan, I am trying to figure the best way to fit my tandem in......can anyone out there save me trying to "reinvent the wheel" by suggesting what has worked for them??

I replied:

We have a new 2000 Toyota Sienna minivan. We have two ways to get the tandem in

1. Remove the left middle row seat and the left rear seat. Take the front wheel off the tandem. Roll it straight in, rear wheel first, into the rear hatch. Part of the rear wheel (about 6" or so) is between the two front seats. We use a 2x4 with a Bike Tight mount to hold the front fork. With this configuration we can fit a single bike to the left of the tandem, but we're left with a weird seating configuration if we want to seat 4 people.

2. Remove the left rear and right rear seat. Take the front wheel off. Roll it in rear wheel first, between the two seats in the middle row (we have the optional "captains chairs" for the two seats in the middle row, which gives a gap between the two seats, unlike the standard bench seat). The rear wheel is in the same place as in Option 1 above. We also use the 2x4 with Bike Tight for this configuration also. This method is a little trickier since the pedals like to hit the sides of the middle seats, but it is more sociable for seating 4 people.


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