AZ '00 Winter



Here's a tour a few of us did between Christmas and New Years.  I just have photos here. Sara promised to do the tour report!  :-)

I forgot the daily mileages, but I think the average was about 50 miles - longer for the first two days, shorter for the second two.

Day 1 - Phoenix to Casa Grande

Beginning of the journey from the outskirts of Phoenix

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The bikes.  My bike is equipped with a solar panel for charging a water bottle battery to run a laptop computer.

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Day 2 - Casa Grande to Tucson

A tribute to DQ, where the unlucky few of us that ate lunch (not ice cream) three years ago

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We stayed at a friend's house in Tucson.

Day 3 - Tucson to Green Valley

Mission San Xavier del Bac

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Day 4 - Green Valley to Nogales

Nice bike water fountain in Tubac

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Fort something-or-other (I forgot the name)

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On Interstate 19 in Nogales, where we met our ride at the end of the tour

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