Bike Tour Packing List

Here’s my updated bicycle tour packing list. Items in italics are deleted for a light tour. Camping items are deleted for hotel/motel touring, and even when camping I’ve given up on cooking at camp (though I’ve reconsidered the latter in some circumstances). This list has evolved from my prior packing lists.

Bike and stuff attached to it

  • bike
  • front/rear racks (not used if using Carradice saddlebag for light touring)
  • panniers with rain covers (or Carradice saddlebag for light touring)
  • handlebar bag (see below for contents)
  • fenders
  • pump
  • water bottles
  • seat bag (see below for contents)
  • Garmin¬†GPS
  • front/rear lights
  • gloves
  • shoes
  • helmet
  • bike glasses/mirror

Handlebar bag (stuff I like to get to quickly)

  • wallet
  • eyeglasses
  • cell phone
  • digital camera
  • maps
  • Power Bar or two
  • lock
  • sunscreen
  • pen/pencil
  • LED headlamp (works as flashlight)
  • toilet paper (small travel roll)
  • toe clip strap (to “park” bike by holding brake lever)

Saddle bag (enough to change a flat without having to go into the tool bag, plus a couple of other goodies)

  • inner tube
  • tire levers
  • patch kit/glueless patches (with a couple of spare rack bolts in the plastic case)
  • tire boot
  • valve adapter
  • spare rack bolts (a few)
  • spare removable chain link

Tool bag (and spare parts too)

  • Alien multitool
  • real allen wrenches
  • inner tubes
  • spare Speedplay Frog cleats (hard to find on the road!)
  • Kevlar spoke
  • grease (small amount, for bike reassembly after shipping!)
  • headset/pedal wrench (for bike reassembly after shipping!)
  • spare spokes (behind plastic support for front pannier)
  • spoke wrench
  • folding tire
  • spare rack bolts
  • spare brake and gear cables

Camping gear (none of this for very light touring with hotel stays)

  • tent and ground cloth
  • sleeping bag
  • sleeping pad
  • pillow case (fill with clothes)
  • camp towel
  • rope (can be used for hanging food)

Light cooking gear

  • small alcohol backpacker stove
  • alcohol bottle (empty for flight!)
  • dried food
  • matches

Toiletry bag

  • razor/shaving cream
  • toothbrush/toothpaste/floss
  • soap/shampoo/Camp Suds
  • comb
  • aspirin/ibuprofen/medications
  • foam ear plugs
  • quarters (showers/laundry)
  • cotton swabs
  • nail clippers
  • insect repellant

Miscellaneous items

  • first aid kit
  • detergent packs (single use)/clothespins (for laundry)
  • duct tape
  • zip ties
  • ziplock bags
  • plastic garbage bags
  • extra rack straps
  • backcountry repair kit (sewing kit, patch kit, safety pins, etc., all in one)

Cycling clothing

  • bike shorts (2 pr)
  • short sleeve jersey (2 )
  • bike socks (2 pr)
  • arm/knee warmers
  • vest/windbreaker (combo where sleeves unzip)
  • raincoat/rain pants/shoe covers
  • tights
  • warm gloves
  • balaclava

Off bike clothing

  • shirt (long w/removable sleeves)
  • pants (long w/removable legs)
  • regular underwear
  • fleece vest (doubles as cycling vest in a pinch)
  • sandals
  • tennis shoes
  • wool hat
  • thermal underwear


  • USB charging cables (phone, GPS)
  • USB charger (AC plugin)
  • external battery
  • Bluetooth keyboard (for use with phone)
  • helmet camera