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Day 5: North Bend to Gold Beach, 90 miles

Today’s route:

Last night Clint and I had looked at the maps closely and were unpleasantly surprised that we would have a 93 mile day today! Somehow we thought it was more like 70-80 miles. Well, we would have to make the best of it by leaving early and having a shorter bailout option in mind just in case.

The route stayed off US101 through North Bend and Coos Bay. After a few mile warmup on the flats, we turned onto the hills of Seven Devils Road. Grades were usually in the high single digits, with the occasional 12-14%. We were wondering how the three guys from Illinois were going to do today. Continue reading

Day 4: Florence to North Bend, 49 miles

Today’s route:

Today began with sunny skies and a tailwind from the north, though not as strong as yesterday’s. Clint and I felt bad for the northbound cyclists yesterday who were riding uphill into the wind.

While taking a break on the climb out of Florence, we saw a couple of other cyclists going over the hill.

Continue reading

Day 0: Travel to Oregon

Today was the travel day to Oregon. To recap, I shipped the bike to Portland via Amtrak, shipped a box with my gear to FedEx, and then take a single pannier on the flight with me. The original plan was to retrieve just the bike upon arrival, load the pannier and ride around town for a while, and finally retrieve the box before catching the bus to Astoria. But then several on the Adventure Cycling forums suggested that the bike would best be left in the box for the bus ride (even though they accept unboxed bikes) and that I walk or take light rail around town. Continue reading