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Is This Blog Dead?

Short answer: pretty much, but I’ll still keep it around for the archived material, such as my bicycle trip across the USA, and my Kenmore dryer mounting hardware post which seems to be of use to many. Also a couple of posts on using Open Street Maps and using my Garmin for on-bike navigation seem to be of interest to more than me!

I’d say that I don’t have the time to post, but that’s not entirely true. It’s just that, in general, I’d rather not spend the time writing about doing something, when I could be spending more time doing it!

One other update from mid-2019: I disabled all commenting on this site. The spammers are getting more creative, and since I rarely post, the spam battle is not worth fighting.

Two Years Already!

Today marks the two year anniversary of working from home for a small consulting firm, after leaving the Fortune 500 where I started after college and stayed 20+ years.

Of course, I can’t delve too much into specifics here, but it was a good move (for me) that’s worked out. Though to grossly oversimplify, I can say that the big firm tended to chase the big projects which are increasingly being executed overseas, while the little firm is able to get little projects based in the US that are too little to farm out. Continue reading

Dealing with Tachycardia (Rapid Heartbeat)

Tachycardia is a generic term for a rapid heartbeat. Here’s my story of dealing with it over the past ten years or so. Since I am not a doctor, my apologies in advance for any layman explanations which may not be 100% correct physiologically.

I’ve had occasional bursts of tachycardia starting with childhood. Initially they were minor annoyances happening about once a year. Eventually they became more frequent and sustained enough to seek a cardiologist. (Though fortunately for me, the duration of my episodes could be measured in minutes and not hours.) He wired me up, put me on a treadmill until he saw the symptoms, then prescribed me Atenolol (a beta blocker medication, typically prescribed for high blood pressure) and sent me on my way. Continue reading

Goodbye, TC

We just recently lost an old hometown friend, TC Cheever, to pancreatic cancer. He was 43.

We last saw each other in person in 1986, and admittedly, we did not stay in touch after that. After college, I moved out west, and it was a time in my life where I wanted to leave that one horse town behind and never look back. Then you realize time flies and wish you did a better job of staying in touch and catching up. Continue reading

Post Office Frustrations

Yesterday (Friday) I was expecting a package via USPS registered mail, but I was out for lunch when it came for delivery. Normally they leave a slip which says they will try to deliver again the next day, giving me the option to sign the slip so they can leave the package if I’m not home. But this time the slip only said that I could pick it up at the post office any time after 9AM the next day (when the post office opens on Saturday). Continue reading

Excess Electronics for Free (Locals Only)

I’ve been doing a bunch of “spring” cleaning in the home office, and I’ve unearthed a bunch of electronics stuff which I don’t need. I don’t want to bother with listing on Ebay or Craiglist, so if any local friends would like anything let me know. (No, I don’t want to ship.) Only charge is a coffee, beer, or lunch – depending on the value of the item. Continue reading

My First Migraine

Yesterday afternoon, I was at my desk working away, and then I observed a strange sensation I had never experienced before. A big bright spot appeared in front of my eyes, making it impossible for me to read my paperwork or see my computer screen. Then about a half hour later, the big bright spot disappeared, and a headache in the front of my forehead came on. Continue reading

Travel with iPhone to Europe

For my Germany trip, rather than pay expensive roaming rates using my mobile phone with its US-based AT&T SIM, I looked into using a pay as you go SIM from Germany. (Swapping out the SIM on an iPhone sold in the US requires that the phone be jailbroken to then be unlocked, a subject for another post.)

The best deal for US travelers is FONIC (see links below), which only costs 9 cents a minute to call a landline in the US, and incoming calls are free while you are in Germany. The default data charge is 24 cents per 100kb, but there is the option to book a “day flat” for €2.50 or a month for €9.95. Each of those plans has a certain allotment of high speed data (more for the day flat), and after that is exceeded you have unlimited data but at a lower speed. So definitely one of the two plans is the way to go, rather than the 24 cents per 100kb. Continue reading