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Local Toll Call Overcharging – Update

Here’s a brief recap of my situation I discussed in my previous post. Up until about a year ago, I was paying five cents per minute through MCI for local toll calls (calls over 20 miles away, but still in Southern California), while my long distance calls were being handled by AT&T. I then called AT&T to switch to a plan to consolidate my local toll and long distance under one plan, dropping MCI in the process. Somehow the switch never happened, but MCI then started charging $1.19 per minute for local toll calls! So in the past year I’ve been billed about $300 for calls that should have only cost about $30. Continue reading

Local Toll Call Overcharging?

Back in February 2009, we decided to take a closer look at the local and long distance services on our landline.  We had AT&T for local and long distance service, but MCI for our “local toll” service (for calls outside a 20 mile radius from home, but still in Southern California).  So we called AT&T to switch from the “Value Plus Flat Rate” plan, which only covered long distance, to the “One Rate 5 Cents” plan, which covers both long distance and local toll calling.  This would drop MCI and consolidate all of our landline services under AT&T. Continue reading

Disaster Links for Southern California Mountains

During disasters, I try to get information from as close to the source as possible, rather than the television news which is often second hand.  Here’s a few links that I use for the Southern California mountains:

Here’s a few links specific to the Sheep Fire:

“Cold” Snap

With a cold storm coming down from the Arctic, it was raining all day and the temperatures never got above the 40s here in Southern California.  This is the first time I recall in over 15 years that the daytime high never went above 50.  The mountain areas have been in the 20s all day and snowing, here is a picture from my cabin backyard webcam.  The yellow object in the background is a small kid’s slide covered in about 2 feet of snow. Continue reading