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Bicycling Across California – Day 5

Ehrenberg, AZ to Blythe, CA – 6 miles

The night before I had set my alarm for 5:30AM California time (I had to be really careful to make sure the phone didn’t switch over to Arizona time!) to give myself enough time to ride to Blythe for the 6:40AM Greyhound bus departure. Although it was pitch black when I woke up, I had lights, but it was nice that there was sufficient daylight when I left at 6:00AM. Continue reading

Bicycling Across California – Day 4

Chiriaco Summit, CA to Ehrenberg, AZ – 72 miles

After stopping at a Subway to get sandwiches for the road, Richard shuttled us back out from Palm Springs to Chiriaco Summit. I thought Chiriaco was an Indian name, but according to a placard there, it’s the name of the family from the south whose descendants still own and operate the establishments there. We took a few last photos (and I got a couple of the Patton museum) and we were on our way. Continue reading

Bicycling Across California – Day 3

Palm Springs to Chiriaco Summit, 52 miles

I received some comments and questions on daily distances, which I’ll address in a later update.

Now back to today’s ride report. We decided to get an early start at 7AM so that we could get a jump on the morning traffic and get more green lights as we headed eastward through the valley on Highway 111.

Continue reading